A seasonal affair: Rhubarb, Strawberry and Thyme tarts

Rhubarb, strawberry and thyme tarts

We’re now well into winter. Now having passed the winter solstice, it means the days will get longer and eventually, warmer days will be here. I keep dreaming of the gorgeous berries and stone fruits that are in season during the warmer months. But right now, I keep seeing a lot of rhubarb.



This little Foodie went to the market

Massive, salted caramel, soft pretzels
Massive, salted caramel, soft pretzels

Change is inevitable. And I love it! I lived in Sydney for about 9 years and decided I have had enough of the city. So I moved to Melbourne. Just because I could. I have never regretted this decision. Whenever people asked me whether I missed Sydney, without skipping a beat, I say I don’t. Not at all. If anything, my most recent visit to Sydney made me realise just how much I love Melbourne.

Melbourne food was a major contributing factor to move. One of my favourite events is the Queen Vic Night Markets (I do prefer the summer night markets to the winter one). The whole experience is enjoying the madness of overwhelming food choices, battling crowds and enjoying the ambient lights during sunset.

Taki's Balls: tasty doughnut balls drizzled with nutella and salted caramel
Taki’s Balls: tasty doughnut balls drizzled with Nutella and salted caramel

From the soft baos to tasty salted caramel pretzels and to award winning margherita pizzas, one trip there never seems enough! I always feel I need to go back to eat the things I didn’t get to try. After we had decided one food, the real struggle is hawking down a seat! It’s all about keeping an eye out for people leaving and being able to immediately swoop down at a table before somebody else does. Or sometimes sharing a big table with strangers.

Wonder Bao
Wonder Bao


It’s fun to eye the different dishes random strangers are eating. Last year total strangers came up to me to ask where I had gotten Sri Lankan hoppers. This year, this guy didn’t even bother to keep his voice down when he pointed to my Taki’s balls and say to his friend he wanted to get some too. It’s such a nice atmosphere when you can express your food envy openly and people appreciate you for it or point you in the right direction. I really don’t bother being discreet as I ogle at people’s plates.

The market stalls are great too. There are lots of friendly faces, selling products like hand poured candles, leather bound notebooks, succulent terrariums and jewellery. Just walking and admiring all the cool stalls is enough when you have good company and a tummy full of tasty food. The Queen Vic Night markets is one thing you definitely have to try if you’re visiting Melbourne.

Talking photos also means accidental photobombs
Talking photos also means accidental photobombs

Tips for visiting:
– Get in early. 5pm if you can.
– Grab a drink and explore every single food choice available. Yes, this will make decision making more difficult BUT better than the feeling of regret when you spot the Baos you’ve been craving for months when you’ve already scoffed down 5 pieces of fried chicken.
– Eat first, explore market stalls later. You might even get hungry for dessert after a stroll.
– Have fun!

The Queen Vic Night markets is on every Wednesday night, for a few more weeks only.