Wrapping up the #winterwarmerproject


My #winterwarmerproject was a 50% success. As in, only half of the participants received their parcels, which is such a shame because in the past, I’ve never (or rather the postman) ever lost a package.

But that’s the joys of snail mail. You never know when you’ll receive it. It could be 2 weeks or 2 months. And when you send it to a country where you can only send regular post (not registered, nor express), then you truly leave it in the perils of the postal system and just hope for the best.

I had a lot of fun working on the #winterwarmerproject. I tried to personalise some items as much as I could, but also included things anyone could use. Doing this, I spent many enjoyable hours on craft and creativity and made me quite excited to think of the person’s reaction when they opened the parcel.



There were times when I did procrastinate and didn’t want to start, and other days I would have easily spent hours wrapping packages and painting people.

I do wonder where the rogue packages ended up. None of them returned to me so it can be absolutely anywhere in the world, in postal limbo. It maybe looping around from country to country, one day hopefully reaching the right recipients. Or maybe it got delivered to a completely random person by mistake and that person is right now enjoying some tea and chocolate while using the bookmark to hold their place.




I’m now planning another creative art project, but this one I’m doing for myself. The idea came about because I received an unexpected but lovely gift from a long-distance friend. Cannot wait to share it with you.

As for my #winterwarmerproject, I’m very keen to try it next year as well, and maybe try and include more people. I have a whole year to plan this. Tomorrow is the first day of spring, so I can start looking forward to picnics in the sun, tasty gelato and of course, beach days!



Starting the #winterwarmerproject

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I’ve always enjoyed making cards. Making cards for birthdays and anniversaries. Since I have some time on my hands now, and to practice some painting and get more into craft activities, I thought I would make some cards and send them off to some of my favourites, via snail mail of course. And then I thought, how about, I send the cards to people who would not really expect it from me. Then I thought, why stop with cards, add a little something else, a little gift and send them just to acquaintances and the #winterwarmerproject was born.

The idea behind the #winterwarmerproject is that I am sending a little cheer-up gift to someone for no reason at all and giving and making other people happy makes me happy. I am facing my first Melbourne winter and I thought anything that helps make my soul warm can help in keeping me warm.

Getting inspiration from the #springtimesurpriseproject, and combining my love for craft and snail mail, I thought I would open my project on Instagram and a few lucky people who follow me will get a small gift pack from me. Then they can spread the warmth and cheer by doing the same for someone else. If more people want to be a part of it, I can coordinate something but right now I will be starting small.


I love sending parcels, postcards and cards to different corners of the world. It’s so easy to just send a text or Facebook message these days, keeping in touch via snail mail is quite underrated. It sometimes does become a hassle, having to go to the post office, find a box, make sure you pay the right amount for postage and then pay that extra 70cents because you chose the wrong option on the self-service postal machine. But finding packages in your mailbox is still a fun thing!