About Thoodles


I am from the Maldives. I am also from Sydney, but I currently live in Melbourne. By profession, I am an Occupational Therapist, and I love my job working with kids. But in the last few years I have found a passion for food and cooking.

I started this blog as a countdown for my wedding. When that was done, I had a hard time finding my niche and writing about something I loved doing. As I started doing more cooking and baking and trying to create different things, I realised taking photographs and writing about my experiences was as enjoyable as well.

In my blog you’ll be reading about my food adventures! From successes to recipes that quite didn’t work out as I had hoped! And food memories that I am collecting as I experience and learn different types of food.

Apart from cooking, I have other hobbies as well. I love painting with watercolours, exercising and reading. I am a book nerd and hate being left without something to read.

You can say hello to my on Twitter @Thoodles or Instagram @thooha 



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