Choux Party

Profiteroles and tea cups

Choux Pastry is a pastry that I love to make. I love how methodical and easy it is to mix, and love watching it rise in the oven. It was almost 2 years ago when I first attempted making this pastry (and you can check my blog post about it here) and since then, I have always found a sense of comfort while making this.

When I was younger, my favourite thing to eat were eclairs. My aunt made them and at that time, I watched her make it and ate with awe. I only got eclairs at special occasions and it was always such a wonderful and rare treat for me.

I found the whole process of making eclairs daunting. The piping, baking, cooking and dipping, all seemed too much for my 10-year-old self. I don’t really remember her making the choux pastry but what I remember is dipping the pastries into melted dark chocolate as my aunt filled them with cream. And I got to lick the chocolate off my fingers, yum!

Recently when I was in the Maldives, me and my cousin Aisha decided to make chocolate profiteroles. Aisha is a wonderful baker, and her brownies are a well-known favourite among friends and family. I love spending time with her as we both share a love for food, baking and eating. She also helped me achieve some of my fitness goals! Since I lived in Melbourne and she lived in Maldives, we would satisfy our food craving by commenting on each other’s food photos. So when I went back, we thought we would make something special together! However, the chocolate profiteroles did not turn out how we hoped it would. They literally looked like the poo emojis. All they needed were two eyes. We called them ‘poo-fiteroles’.

Royal Albert tea party



Royal Albert 1900 Regency Blue
Royal Albert Botanical Teas Dahlias
Royal Albert Botanical Teas Dahlias
Royal Albert 1900 Regency blue teacup – birthday present from Sheeni

A lot of my tea cups are foraged form various op-shops. One of the teacups I’ve used in this post are borrowed from Sheeni. She very graciously trusted me with her Royal Albert teacup collection and I was thrilled to be able to choose one from them. Two of the teacups were given to me for my birthday from Sheeni as well and they are absolutely gorgeous. But I equally love the 1993 Royal Albert teacup I found at the Mill Market in Geelong. Finding second-hand items always makes me fantasise about their previous lives. If they could talk, what stories would they share?



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