Thoodles at the Night Noodle Market


Getting into summer means market food time! Long days, sipping drinks in the sun and digging into delicious food with friends. If my summer social outings don’t involve some sort of food, it doesn’t feel right.

The Melbourne Night Noodle markets have been happening for a while but this was my first visit. Set right on the edge of the Yarra River, the area looks small at first, but once you get in there’s more to explore. We got in really early, just as they opened at 5pm, which meant no lines and plenty of seating. We quickly dug into the juicy Hoy Pinoy chicken skewers as we browsed around the food stalls.



One thing I was clear on, I definitely wanted dessert. In fact, I was more excited about the dessert options rather than the baos and dumplings. Sydney’s Black Star pastry was here with their famous Strawberry Watermelon cake which I had never had when I lived in Sydney. And I also got to try the N2 Gelato. I’ve always approached the N2 Gelato with some scepticism, assuming it was mostly the hype of the Nitrogen ice cream rather than taste. But watching them make the ice cream with goggles on, dry ice flowing everywhere and working their KitchenAid mixers was something else. I was definitely proved wrong after digging into the Gold Mugger. It was filled with crunchy gold-speckled cookie dough and some delicious brownie/cake thing. I squeezed the Nutellla ganache out of a tiny dropper and it was delicious. My husband said he didn’t want to try it when I offered, and I said ‘Good, more for me’.
Next dessert in line was the Brûlée Cart. These guys, I visit religiously whenever I see their truck parked. Their creme brûlées are so creamy and smooth. I’ve had their Salted Caramel and Ginger brûlée which is just fabulous, topped with caramel popcorn (here it was peanut butter popcorn, I think). One can never go wrong with the Brûlée Cart. Delicious!




For savoury, I could not walk past Wonderbao’s fried chicken baos. Their mushroom steamed buns were tasty as well. It was a wonderful afternoon, nibbling on everyone’s plates, tasting fried dumplings, nasi goreng and thai fish cakes. I felt like I didn’t have as much savoury food. The desserts seemed to be the highlight, particularly because I wanted to eat dessert before the day got cold.

The biggest challenge for me was the photography. I thought since we got in early, there would be plenty of light, but the light was not at all helpful. Taking even a decent photo of a bao was challenging in the afternoon sun. The direct sunlight did not help at all and everything was over-exposed. I had to then get my friend to act as a shade, trying to get out of the sun. I did feel like a bit of a douche, taking photos so seriously with my camera and directing my friends and family around. But I love taking photos of food and I especially enjoy taking photos of market food, so after a while I just got into stride. I couldn’t stop and worry about what others were thinking of me.

Next up is the Queen Victoria Night Market. I absolutely love that! So much market fun in summer. Now Melbourne weather just needs to get itself sorted and give us some more sun.



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