Peanut butter and Tuna


When my friends and I try and plan a simple mid-week dinner, things just escalate. Before we know it, a simple soup turns into a gourmet burger with a chocolate pudding for dessert, or a simple roti and curry dinner turns out to be a feast including hedhika (Maldivian short eats) and an absolutely delectable mud cupcake with peanut butter buttercream, drizzled with salted caramel.

I really don’t have anything to say about those cupcakes, except peanut butter has become my new favourite buttercream flavour. And a makeshift piping bag using a small sandwich bag worked just fine! I hate using piping bags as they become messy and my hand starts hurting after a while.




One of the things I tried was a lemonade batter for my fuhjehi kavaabu (fish and tuna balls, usually covered in a batter of flour, water and turmeric and deep fried). For fun, I thought doing a lemonade batter would make my kavaabu lighter and crispier. Good thing was the batter had a slightly sweet taste which was a nice addition, but the batter was not a success. Most likely it was the proportion of water to flour to lemonade that ruined it, rather than the outlandish addition of lemonade. I didn’t use a specific recipe, which typically is the way to go for Maldivian recipes, but not this batter.



I recently cooked with my grandma and I have learnt to stop asking her ‘how much’. She told me she really doesn’t know how much but just goes by feel! I am still learning to do this. It being Ramadan now and not being able to taste what I am cooking, I am getting plenty of practice to doing this!



That dinner was pretty spectacular and we almost didn’t have room for dessert! My friend made Kandu Kukulhu (translated to chicken of the ocean), a curry I haven’t had in a long time. And while we were eating, we planned the next meal. As we always do. We never feel satisfied if we haven’t planned the next massive eating get together by the end of the current one.





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