Starting the #winterwarmerproject

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I’ve always enjoyed making cards. Making cards for birthdays and anniversaries. Since I have some time on my hands now, and to practice some painting and get more into craft activities, I thought I would make some cards and send them off to some of my favourites, via snail mail of course. And then I thought, how about, I send the cards to people who would not really expect it from me. Then I thought, why stop with cards, add a little something else, a little gift and send them just to acquaintances and the #winterwarmerproject was born.

The idea behind the #winterwarmerproject is that I am sending a little cheer-up gift to someone for no reason at all and giving and making other people happy makes me happy. I am facing my first Melbourne winter and I thought anything that helps make my soul warm can help in keeping me warm.

Getting inspiration from the #springtimesurpriseproject, and combining my love for craft and snail mail, I thought I would open my project on Instagram and a few lucky people who follow me will get a small gift pack from me. Then they can spread the warmth and cheer by doing the same for someone else. If more people want to be a part of it, I can coordinate something but right now I will be starting small.


I love sending parcels, postcards and cards to different corners of the world. It’s so easy to just send a text or Facebook message these days, keeping in touch via snail mail is quite underrated. It sometimes does become a hassle, having to go to the post office, find a box, make sure you pay the right amount for postage and then pay that extra 70cents because you chose the wrong option on the self-service postal machine. But finding packages in your mailbox is still a fun thing!


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