Gluten free, orange goodness

I’ve always approached work tea parties work gatherings with a lot of apprehension. The amount of dietary needs I have to consider sometimes becomes very daunting. Dairy and gluten free? Where do I even begin?

I knew the flourless chocolate cake I make would be gluten free but it needed some cream to go with it. Pavlova is gluten free too but it’s not pavlova without cream. After being at a loss, I discovered this lovely, moist orange and almond cake. I prefer making desserts and love baking so this was perfect for me. The first time I made this cake, I didn’t have a food processor. Unsure of how to proceed, I turned to Google. It said: ‘Use a knife’.


This did not reassure me too much but I gave it a go. Chopping the fleshy pulp of the orange was fine once boiled, but I wasn’t having much luck with the peel. After a while I gave up and discarded the peel. I also felt as if I had lost too much of the juices onto the chopping board already.


This time round, having a food processor helped a lot. It was much quicker and the lovely puree contained all the juices and necessary flavors. The cake was a hit. I did feel the sugar syrup was a bit too much, but it did complement the slight bitterness of the peel. Some tea and a slice of orange cake that is gluten and dairy free? I’ll have seconds!







One thought on “Gluten free, orange goodness

  1. Your posts are beautiful, I love your blog! I just followed you, it would be great if we can support each other 🙂 I am so glad I got to discover you ❤

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