#ReadWomen: Sapphire Skies

DSC_0935Similar to Geraldine Brooks, I had heard good things about Belinda Alexandra but did not get around reading her books till my mom bought a copy of the Silver Wattle. From then onwards, I was hooked! I met her a few years ago when she gave a talk about Tuscan Rose and it was so great to hear about the research that goes into her books.  I particularly enjoyed the story about where her inspiration for the story came as well, if I remember correctly, a little church she saw when traveling.
Similar to Tuscan Rose, Sapphire Skies has a strong female character Natasha, and Belinda chooses quite unique careers and ambitions for her leads. Which is one of the reasons why I love her books. Also another reason why this is such a fitting book to be a part of #ReadWomen. We need more strong female role models.

Natasha was a celebrated and talented pilot who was passionately loyal to Stalin during the second World War. When she goes missing in action, she is accused of being a German spy.
Lily, a young Australian living in Russia stumbles on the story of Natasha quite unexpectedly. Soon she is caught in the mystery and heart break of Natasha’s life and she is absorbed into trying to find what really happened to the young fighter pilot.

I think Belinda’s love for animals clearly resonates through Lily who rescues little strays. This is a great read to pass the holidays. I loved the many little twists in the book, making this not only a story about love lost and found, but a pretty awesome action read as well.


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