Making the hard choice

cmOver the weekend, one of the largest climate movements took place. People marched for climate, for their voices to be heard and to make an impact for the upcoming UN climate summit in New York. Countries around the world took part, demanding to curb carbon emission and the leaders to take notice. I will always regret making the decision to not go and march in Melbourne.
I had double booked myself, made some commitments. I could’ve gotten out of them, but I had to go to the march by myself and in the end, the easier decision was to not go.
At the moment, hundreds and thousands of people are making the easier decision. Ignoring climate change and not taking action because it is the more convenient choice. Taking action will hinder a lot of people who make a lot of money. Easier choice is to support them and back them. Easier choice is to believe there isn’t a threat, or if there was, well, it’s not happening right now.
But it is. And it is disappointing that countries like Australia are taking a step backwards with their climate policies. It is everyone’s responsibility. Climate change is everyone’s problem.
I am fortunate enough to have moved to a country that is not currently the butt of ‘must visit before the islands disappear’ jokes. I laugh along when people continue to make that joke, but if we carry on as we are right now, the threat that the grandchildren of my family and friends could be climate refugees is very real. If we act now, we can prevent real dangerous effects of climate change. I haven’t even been to the Great Barrier Reef yet, but I want to see it in it’s glory when I eventually do. We need to preserve the planet for the future generations. We need to make the hard choice.


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