#ReadWomen2014: The Shifting Fog

DSC_0282The Shifting Fog consumed me from the very beginning. Kate Morton has a way of doing that. Drawing you in and leaving you with a sense of disappointment when you stop reading and come back to real life. I’ve read her other books, The Forgotten Garden and The Distant Hours and loved each one of them as much as I did this book.

One of my friends met Kate Morton at a book signing and described her as polished, lovely and having ‘Kate Middleton style glossy hair’.

This story is a compelling love story, beginning with the suicide of a poet witnessed by two sisters , Hannah and Emmeline. It is hinted that one sister was the mistress, the other engaged to the poet but what really happens and the secrets uncovered by the Grace, Hannah’s lady’s maid is really intriguing. I really enjoyed how the story of the sisters and  Grace unfolded and learning unexpected things about the characters.

Showing the stark separation of classes at the time, and how  the war affected everything, I enjoyed seeing the changes occurring during the time. How scandalous the parties Emmeline was and Hannah’s own choice of husband was interesting, if not unexpected. The change after the war was felt by the upper class and the servants alike. It’s a lovely piece of historical fiction and Kate Morton does the era justice.

And all the Downton Abbey fans out there; I found so many things paralleling the show in the book. The spirit and sense of duty of Carson is channelled well by Mr Hamilton and timid little Katie reminded me of Daisy in the earlier seasons of the show. A great read for the fans of the show and anyone interested in getting lost in the 1920s.


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