U is for the Unexpected

You can plan something only so much. Anticipate the events and try to be prepared. You can even plan out the worst case scenarios and just go with it because there’s nothing humanely possible you can do to change it. But when you are planning a wedding for 600+ people, something has to happen that could not have been thought of.

In the endless hours we spent mulling about things that could go wrong, ‘Bride getting stuck in the bathroom on wedding day’ did not make the list.

This happened maybe about an hour or so to go for the marriage ceremony. I was getting ready in my cousins room. His room had a walk in closet and through the closet was the bathroom. Both the closet and bathroom had lockable sliding doors and earlier that week my cousin told me that the bathroom door did not lock, so to just lock the closet if I was to use the bathroom.

The part I had been looking forward to most was getting ready for the wedding. I turned off my phone and completely enjoyed getting my nails done, hair curled and make up done while my aunt was steaming my dress in the closet. My hairdresser told me that I should wear the dress after she finished doing my hair and and then she would put the final touches.

Now I knew once I put on that dress, going to the bathroom and peeing would be a huge two person mission. So I had it all planned out and drank lots of water beforehand and was ready to pee right before I put my dress on. Perhaps I planned it too well because I was holding onto dear life by the time my hairdresser had finished doing the fancy braids on my hair and I basically rushed to the bathroom.

I then realised that the door would not lock and my hairdresser was looking at my dress in the closet. Having only met her twice, I really did not want to explain the situation with the locks plus I really needed to pee, so I slid the bathroom door close. All was good until I tried to slide the door back open. It would not budge. I pulled as hard as I could, trying not to break any of my freshly painted nails but it would not move. So feeling rather sheepish I called out to my hairdresser to help me open the door.

We both pulled and pulled but had no luck. My hairdresser went to find someone to help us. She was gone for a while and I was getting worried. I knew so many people would be busy and at the location of the wedding, and not home at that time. However, my cousin thankfully found my rather bewildered hairdresser and he came and opened the door.

Lucky he came in time as I was border lining extreme panic at that point. He had to tug at the door a fair bit, and all I could think was, ‘Oh my goodness, I’m going to miss my wedding because I’m stuck here!’. I actually got told off ¬†for sliding the door close. ‘Why’d you close the door?’ was the first thing my cousin said after he opened it.


I’m glad I’m telling the story of this minor little shock we had. I would feel pretty absurd if I had to tell the story of how I missed my own wedding because I was stuck in the bathroom. Thankfully this isn’t so and I managed get ready on time.


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