T is for Travel


My wedding required a lot of traveling. For starters, I had it on the island next to the one where we lived on, so a short travel period on a boat was needed. I had to make my journey from Sydney to Maldives, which turned out to be more eventful than I thought it would be.

Plan was simple. In fact, quite adventurous. Leave Sydney on Wednesday morning, get to Perth at noon (yes, ultra cheap tickets meant a detour to Perth) and leave Perth in the arvo and arrive in Malaysia that night. We were supposed have a glorious day of shopping, body scrubs and meeting up with friends in Malaysia and get to Maldives that night. Sounded so much fun specially because I had the most fun travel partner, Loofa.

It started out pretty well. Only hitch was the lady at the check-in counter kept telling me that she can make no promises about being able to hang my wedding dress in the plane and they might have to put it in the overhead compartments! I nearly died at the thought of bags tumbling around and crushing the sparkly bodice of my dress, but these fears were quenched when at every plane I boarded, the crew were very excited and hospitable and offered to hang my dress and take care of it. I felt quite special when walking out, carrying the dress as the captain wished me luck for my wedding.

However, the fun stopped when we boarded the plane to go to Malaysia. Our flight was initially delayed and after sitting in the plane for two hours, the captain finally announced they had to cancel the flight because a panel in the cockpit was broken and they could not replace or fix it. I kid you not, the captain at one point said they were going to reboot the plane to see if it was working (the time-tested ‘Have you tried turning it off and on again?’ method being applied here). I looked at Loofa and she just gave me a look of a forlorn puppy and went back to doodling and listening to Lorde. In the meantime, I sent panic-stricken texts to my fiance (the ONLY time I decided not to get travel insurance, this happens!), however he reassured me the airline will take care of it and compensate for delays and missed connecting flights.

After another hour sitting in the plane we were finally allowed to get off. We had to collect our luggage and after standing in line for hours, we went to the hotel the airline organised for us. It was almost midnight in Perth when we reached the hotel (we were still in Sydney time so it was 3am for us) and found out the hotel was locked. No one was out in the lobby, the doors were locked and we were briefly stranded on a Perth sidewalk in the middle of the night with a bunch of frustrated travellers.

Initial plan when we got to our hotel room was to go to sleep and figure out our flights in the morning. However, after calculating time differences and flight times, we decided we would try and call the airlines immediately in case we missed our connecting flight, which we were already checked in for.

After having to call the airlines three times (each call included almost half an hour waiting times, explaining our situation each time and the last guy who spoke to me telling me he liked the way I said ‘yeap’) we were finally, finally booked and ready to leave to Singapore the next morning.

With only two hours of sleep, we were pretty pumped to be on our way. We were in high spirits, despite being very sleep deprived. We were checked in all the way to Maldives which seemed like a good sign. We arrived in Singapore and headed to the transfer desk to collect our boarding passes so we can go to KL to get our connecting flight to Maldives. Of course all this smooth sailing was too good to be true. The lady at the transfer desk checked our itineraries and then got on the phone and started talking looking rather worried. She kept muttering to the lady next to her and then we were told that our booking was confirmed, but the flight was full so we were going to have to be put on stand by and come back to check the status later.

20131205_190204The next hour we spent was the longest hour ever. We didn’t even have the energy to do window shopping at Singapore airport. We went back to the transfer desk and luckily we were given boarding passes and we were en route to Malaysia. Once we got to Malaysia we were frankly delirious on sleep depravation and at the thought we had only one flight between us and Maldives. Tugging the wedding dress along, trying to make sure nothing happened to it and adjusting it inside the garment bag was getting tiring as well. We celebrated with a Teh Tarik while waiting at KLIA and arrived in Maldives quite cheerful, despite having had only 2 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours.


We went on 5 airplanes in 2 days and waiting around the airports was quite frustrating at times. But I knew I was getting a story out of this and having the best travel partner to help carry my wedding dress and keeping me company made the journey so much better.


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