S is for Shower (Bridal Shower)

IMG-20131219-WA0000I did not have much say in what was going to happen at my bridal shower. I did hint at a theme I wanted, but all decisions were made by my bridespeople and close friends. I was told by one of my bridespeople to wear a white dress and she kept sending me dresses of what I should wear. Just for fun I bought a long boho styled lace dress and she kept saying that it didn’t go with the theme! I then sent her a photo of a huge flower wreath and she was completely stressed out. I did wear a flower wreath in the end but just a small one. IMG-20131219-WA0001

The party was so much fun! They had a beautiful tea party set out with cupcake holders, lovely teacups and flower decorations. Only thing they miscalculated was lighting. I had to go a little later because they didn’t finish setting up and it was almost sunset by the time I got there. While I got a beautiful sunset view of the table for a few minutes, as it got dark, I found out they hadn’t worked out to get a light up the terrace where the party was. So we had to take photos quickly and enjoy the food in the dark. My friends used the torches on their phones to light up the place. So we enjoyed lovely tea bag shaped cookies (they were so so tasty, dipped in chocolate) in the ambient light of Samsung S4 phones.

IMG-20131218-WA0008An unexpected thrill was the moonrise! It was a full moon, and a red moon! I don’t have any photos of it but it was beautiful and eery. Weird combination but added to the novelty of the night.

Games organised by the bridespeople included ‘Find the Groom’ and ‘What’s in your handbag?’. Both games provided much laughter and memories! My favourite was ‘What’s in your handbag?’ because we got a chocolate if we took out the item  one of the bridesmaids called from our handbags first.

When I started out writing this blog post it was about different bridal shower themes and ideas. I was actually quite stuck for ideas and with the wedding so close it was an excuse to really procrastinate the writing. But after the party I knew I had lots of material to write about.


One of my bridespeople made a pinned this bridal shower on her Pinterest board. Check it out here.


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