R is for Ring

My journey to my engagement ring didn’t involve my fiancé at all. In fact, when I walked into Tiffany & Co and tried on the ring in four years ago, I knew that was exactly what I wanted. Me and my friend Sally were browsing and trying rings on for fun and Sally kept saying ‘Oh Thooha you’re so lucky!’ as if I was already engaged! At that time I didn’t have a boyfriend or even knew my fiancé existed.

So when my fiancé and I finally decided to get married there was no question of him surprising me with a ring. I did spend a month or two pretending to choose a ring but I went back to Tiffany & Co, tried on the ring again and I was still in love with it. Made things much easier for him!

The proposal and getting the ring to me went all very well on my fiancé’s part. What happened after is an experience that I now look back on and think ‘Well, I at least got a blog post out of it’.

After Sri Lanka (and the proposal) I went to Maldives for a week where I got to show off my ring. Everything well went until I was on the plane to go to Malaysia from Maldives.   I caught a snooze after we took off and then woke up with a start and realised I didn’t have my ring! First thought was ‘Oh my goodness, it must have slipped off on to the plane!’

The whole aircraft was asleep, lights turned off and I was frantically feeling around my seat looking for my engagement ring. I was on the floor at one point, assisted by the faint light on my phone, looking under and around my seat, hoping to catch a sparkle of my ring.

I cannot remember when I stopped searching and started to think logically. After shedding a few tears, I tried to calm myself and figured I had left it in my room back in Maldives. This wasn’t the first time I had forgotten to wear the ring in the last week. But on that day I had insisted to my cousin we went to my place and got my ring before we went to my cousin’s birthday party. Today there was not much I could do being halfway to Malaysia.

The day I got back to Sydney my grandma called me and asked ‘Have you lost something?’! I had the ring sent over so it all ended well. But I had to endure many looks of horror till I got it when I had to tell people that I had left my ring in the Maldives. Worst was going to my brother’s 21st party where everyone knew I was getting married and after the initial ‘Congratulations!’ and ‘How did he propose?’ came ‘Where’s the ring?’. I wish I had taken pictures of their faces when I had to sheepishly admit I did not have it. Would have been perfect to share with this blog post.


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