Q is for Queens

It’s not that Queen Victoria made the white wedding dress popular that I find most fascinating. But the reason behind the choice of her material and colour. Queen_Victoria

The political statement made by the young Queen by supporting handmade lace makers in the time of Industrial Revolution is very cool. Machine lace was becoming popular and handmade lace makers were facing poverty and unemployment. In support of this art, Queen Victoria chose a handmade Honiton lace which happened to go best with white material. It is quite inspiring to see the thought gone into making her dress and given the responsibility as the head of the state, the young Queen set a great example.

Looking at Queen Elizabeth II’s wedding photos, she looks like such a romantic. Great thing about her is I feel like I can relate to her wedding dress efforts (and I think most of us will). She had to save up for her wedding dress (just like you and me!) and use ration coupons to make her wedding dress. Makes me respect her more after learning this about her.

Not quite on par with any of these Queens, but still my favourite Upper East Side Queen cannot be forgotten. In fact I am surprised I have come this far without making a Gossip Girl reference. Queen B wore the dresses I can only dream to, both at her weddings and everyday life. I cannot help but marvel at her, not one but 3 different wedding dresses. Yes, I am not a huge fan of the first Vera Wang dress Blair wore. Don’t quite understand the bow tie on the dress she wore at the royal wedding either. But her wearing Elie Saab at her wedding with Chuck made me very envious! I would have chosen something more poofy but given that she was eloping and she had already had her fairy tale wedding, what she wore was very fitting. 470_2558433


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