P is for Proposal


As much as I like to think proposals are highly personal experiences, I can’t help but ask people about how someone proposed or enjoy myself when I tell people about how my fiance proposed. When people hear that I am engaged one of the first questions are ‘How did he propose?’ and ‘Have you got a ring?’.  In both the cases, I was happy that I have a good story to tell.

As we discussed proposal stories, it seems that is very hard to keep proposal a secret from the girl. I found out my fiance was going to propose and a few of my friends said they knew when their proposals was going to happen as well.

I have a habit of taking photos of myself on my fiance’s phone or change his wallpaper. One day I decided to send a selfie to his WhatsApp contacts. My friends, his friends, mutual friends etc. What he had forgotten to do was delete a text he sent to one of my best friends telling her when he was planning to propose to me. Given I was visiting him for only a two weeks I knew he would be proposing at some point, but not exactly when. Naturally I could not send my selfie to this friend and I just pretended to not know anything about this.

We took a mini-getaway to a small seaside town and when my fiance insisted we watch the sunset at the beach near where we were staying, I knew he was definitely going to propose. We hung around near the beach, reading, playing Ruzzle with each other and waiting for the sunset. When my fiance said that he was going to the bathroom, I knew he was going to get the ring and I was so excited!

I was looking at the time, impatiently waiting for the sun to set. The sunset that day was quite something else. The water was lovely and warm as I dipped my feet into it and I was so excited about getting some cool sunset photos.

We kept walking along the beach, taking photos and we came across Spongebob Squarepants. Not really, but it was a square sponge to which I added some arms and legs to. Because I wanted to take a photo from my phone, I went and started hunting around for my phone which I had asked my fiance to carry in his pocket. This, I admit, was a bit mean of me, knowing that he had my ring in his pocket. And the panic stricken “What are you doing?” confirmed it. “Just looking for my phone” I told him nonchalantly and carried on. I feel a little bad about getting him so worried, but I just mostly laugh as I tell the story now.

Even though I knew he was going to propose, I was nervous. I could tell he was nervous and there was this slight awkward silence right before he went down on one knee and asked me to marry him. My hand was shaking as he put the ring on. First thing he said after I said yes was ‘Are you shaking? Why are you shaking?’!

I could have known down to the tee what he was planning, but the moment he went down on one knee and asked me to marry him was like no other. Best thing about him asking me to marry him was saying yes. Second best thing was telling our friends and family and seeing how excited and happy they for the both of us! DSC07221


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