O is for Out of Ordinary

I have been planning my wedding day since I was probably 13. Since then I have been scouring the internet looking for ‘unique’ wedding ideas, that are clearly readily available for everyone to pick and choose from.

My first thought when planning my wedding was, what can I do that no one has done before? Should I go Over-The -Top with my dress? Or have a completely Outrageous cake? Can I have Odd looking boutonnieres? How do I make the groomsmen look Outstanding?

While I am running out of ‘O’ words to get my point across, I came to realize that weddings itself goes back to hundreds of years. How much of Originality can I really expect to have in my wedding?

Sometimes getting caught up in making things unique and unconventional makes me lose sight of what is important. In the end, I want to stick with what I am comfortable with and have things that will mean something to the both of us (yes, I am getting better at saying it’s Our wedding, instead of Mine!).

In the 9 months I’ve been panning my wedding, enjoyment of the guests at the wedding has become a priority for me. When trying to come up with some wild and hip idea, I stop to think if:

a) it will make things more enjoyable for the guests

b) it is an extra hassle (of time and money)

c) it would just look ornamental

If my answer for a) is Yes and b) and c) are No, I know I am on a good thing. If my answer for a) and b) is Yes and c) is No, give it some more thought and planning. If my answer for a) is No then scrap the idea.

But speaking of unique weddings,  Bill and Fanny seems to pull off this city hall wedding Ornately.  Each to their own though, swapping a wedding dress for Overalls is way too Outlandish for me! city-hall-wedding


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