N is for Nightmares

As wedding day gets closer, I am prone to have wedding related dreams/nightmares. Mostly nightmares. Yes, there is still a good 4 months to go, but it’s just one of those things I realised when I woke up one day and thought ‘It’s August, spring will be here soon’. And then it slowly dawned upon me, oh wait, only 4 months, 4 short months till my wedding!

First nightmare I had regarding my wedding was about my dress. No one, except my PBS of course, is going to see the dress. It’s a complete surprise from everyone, my mum, my best friends and other interested parties. In my dream, I step out in my dress, the moment I have been waiting for and all I get is ‘Meh’! Worst case scenario!

This had me doubting myself for a few minutes but I realise that me and my PBS can pull off a dress that is absolutely fabulous. In fact I had a fitting today and it is looking great!

Next wedding related nightmare, I had only a week ago. In this one, one thing after the other kept going wrong! My aunt (I won’t name any names) took out my wedding dress from it’s garment bag and hung it for everyone to see! She meant well, but left me horrified given all the trouble I had gone through, trying to keep my dress a secret!

And then, (this bit is going to sound quite absurd) the girl who came to do my hair and make up just did my make up and left. My mum was trying to call them and get them to send another person to do my hair, but they didn’t have a person available for over an hour. So I was left with very messy hair and nearly in tears at the thought of having to try and do my hair by myself on my wedding day.

I am sure in the coming months I am going to have many eventful and colourful nightmares about my wedding day. Maybe it will be a good way of making a list of things that could go wrong on the day and be prepared.

So far I have learnt: a) not give my wedding dress in my garment bag to this said aunt. b) ensure my hair dresser will be doing both my hair AND make up and not let that person leave until the job is done!


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