M is for Maid of Honour

IMG_20130627_0003Wanted: Maid of Honour

Selection criteria for the Maid of Honour: Are you up for the job?

  1. Must be out going and friendly: You’ll be meeting many new people. There’ll be various family members from both sides. Some of the bridesmaids might be complete strangers, so you must be willing to make new friends and get along with people who you may not click with. Must be able to break the ice and smoothen awkward silences among wedding guests and people involved with wedding planning.
  2. Must be patient: Planning a wedding will be a roller coaster ride. The bride will shed many tears and also have the best times with you during the preparations. Must be ready to tolerate various mood swings and be supportive.
  3. Must be diplomatic: Managing the bridesmaids is an important job. You must be able to ensure that they are happy and solve any problems that may come up and ensure that they are taking up their responsibilities. All problems must be solved tactfully and try to relieve the stress that might be caused to the bride because of her bridesmaids.
  4. Must be creative: The bulk of the responsibility of planning and organising the hens and the bridal shower will fall on the MoH. Make sure you know what the bride wants (or at least what she definitely doesn’t want) and add your own touch to these events.
  5. Must be genuinely excited about the wedding: The bride will be very excited. She will talk about the wedding all the time. You must be able to match her excitement and keep up the level of enthusiasm at all times. This will make the experience more enjoyable for both you and the bride.
  6. Must be trustworthy: The bride will always need you. You must be contactable via everything (SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp etc) and be there for the bride when needed. This may be even at 3am in the morning, especially when time differences are involved.  You must follow through your tasks and make sure you keep the bride up to date with your duties. Having you to lean on and delegate some tasks will be a great peace of mind for the bride, so don’t let her down.


  1. Live locally: There will be dress fittings, food tastings and DIY nights. It will be useful if you diIMG_20130627_0003 (2)d live close to the bride so you can join and assist in these outings. However, it’s always not ideal (you may be living in a different continent) so you have to be reachable via any sort of communication (WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook, Skype etc).

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