L is for Lights

MIL_1075I’m going to claim credit for coming up with the amazing Midsummer Night’s Dream wedding theme my best friend had. In fact, I chose that theme for her 2 years before she got married, long before she even thought that she could make that much of a commitment to her then-boyfriend. They are now happily married and we still talk about how wonderful her wedding was.

She used little jars, all different shapes and sizes and put in tealight candles to make lanterns. They probably had a few hundred of those hung around the place. It gave the perfect setting and even thought they were small, they were a very significant part of the decorations.

The time and effort gone to collecting and prepping these jars was spectacular. She asked her family members to save empty jars and bottles and she tells me they even scoured the huge garbage dump in the island (for those who are having a hard time picturing someone walking into garbage dump, you very easily can in Male’) hunting for bottles.

MIL_1101  Once they found the bottles, the prep was immense. They had to soak the bottles in water to get the labels off. Many peeled off easily but others had to be scraped off with a toothbrush.

It was a mission and I remember when all the lanterns were hung, for some reason we only had two gas lighters for the whole place and we were struggling to light the lanterns in time. The end result was beautiful though. It was great to see my best friends face lighting up as she saw her Midsummer Night’s Dream wedding (which I steered her towards of course) become real.


It was a real fun wedding and since I have a habit of missing a lot of important weddings, it meant a lot to me that I could be there for her and be part of one of the most important days in her life. Can’t wait to share the exact same thing with her on my big day.


3 thoughts on “L is for Lights

  1. Thanks for the idea thoo..
    Oh and you should have posted this on our anniversary in 2 days.
    And mattey says we also bought 100 bottles and lets not forget the 30 bottles that naasira found..

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