K is for Kodak Moments

afterfocus_1369714222886I love photos. And taking them. Also being in them. That’s what I probably be wanting to be doing at my wedding. Taking a selfie in the mirror. It would be a very cool selfie, me being in my wedding dress and all.

Photography is one of the top most priority for us on the day. When the flowers have wilted, the food is eaten and the decorations have been brought down, the thing that will be immortalized from the day (apart from our marriage of course) is the photographs.

It would be great if our wedding photographs were taken by people who really knew us. I think taking wedding portraits is quite a personal thing and having someone who has been a part of your life makes it even more special. I have a couple of very talented friends who would do a great job with the photography. My friend Sean is currently setting himself up by going official as a wedding photographer and taking amazing photos. It’s fun to share wedding craziness with your friends. And my other friend Iujaz has always had a passion for photography and I love his work.

Photo booths are fast becoming very popular at weddings and it is such a fun way to snap pictures with your friends and family. I think it’s a great how you can act silly and let yourself go. The props are fun to play with and I want photos I can look over and laugh at.

photobooth 1I really like this DIY framed photo booth, but my fiance disagrees. I have actually been eyeing this photo booth for ages, about two years maybe, but I’m letting this one go as a wedding compromise and will find something we can both agree on. I think the beard props are pretty fun. It would go well with a Hobbit themed wedding: you be Kili and I’ll be Bombur.  beard booth

And if you ever get stuck for ideas, you can get these coloured Mo’s from Etsy! There is so much to choose from!

mo photobooth

Or just go classic with some letters and have fun forming some words! The picture below is from a real, rustic themed vineyard wedding and I love the backdrop and the colours of the props.  The backdrop is something you can get super creative with and I am looking forward to start working on mine! I want to have few different photo booths set up, so I can utilize all these cool ideas!



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