J is for Jewellery

I haven’t given much thought about what kind of jewellery I want to wear on my wedding day. The most obvious piece, that will be the most important is the wedding ring of course, but apart from that, nothing has really crossed my mind.

This is mostly because I am not a person for fine jewellery. My grandmother recently gave me four very beautiful gold bangles but unfortunately they don’t fit on my tiny wrists. Thinking about wedding jewellery, I want whatever I choose to wear to have a story or some sentimental value to it. These bangles my grandmother gave me are very dear to me because it means that she  she trusts me to take good care of these (after some incidents of me ‘eating’ gold necklaces and charms when I was younger). Also, when I was about 5 years old, I saw my grandmother wearing a gold bracelet and this caught my fancy, so I said to her, ‘When you die, can I have have that bracelet?’. I clearly had a firm grasp of family heirlooms and being the only granddaughter then, I was quick to shotgun this bracelet. Now almost 20 years later, my grandmother has trusted me with this (it wasn’t the same as the bracelet though, I asked) and I am so happy that I get to enjoy the bangles with her. I still need to figure out how to make them fit me in time for my wedding day though.

But since I was to write this blog post, I had a hunt around to see what I could find regarding jewellery and weddings. Pinterest boards were a huge help and they had all different sorts of accessories from tiaras, colourful shoes and barefoot sandals. I came across this beautiful pearl necklace from BHLDN and will be perfeImagect for a lovely vintage touch. Statement jewellery have been in trend for quite a while now and I think matching this with a simple hair up do, you can feel like a princess.

originalOr else you can have a simple, yet exquisite pendant on a chain. This 1920’s inspired piece by Tiffany & Co is very beautiful. I don’t think Tiffany & Co can ever do wrong when it comes to fine jewellery. Of course, I think we will be seeing a lot of The Great Gatsby inspired pieces this year, given the popularity of the movie coming out soon.

If you’re going to be a free spirit and want to do something different, using an old necklace or chain and tying it around your head can be a unique way to make use of a favourite piece of your old jewellery. Or just get a boho headpiece from Etsy which means the work is already done for you.  blog head

Something I would also really love is if someone could make me a necklace or an earring for me to wear on my wedding day. In fact, for the whole of the bridal party to wear handmade jewellery. I am so glad I’m getting my dress made by one of my close friends, instead of buying it from some random store. I know that a lot of memories and stories will come out from the whole process of dressmaking. I want the same friendly touch with my jewellery. Plus  I am more likely to wear my wedding jewellery again, than anything else I will be putting on that day.


2 thoughts on “J is for Jewellery

  1. if one of your friends get your jewellery made just for you, in the design you want from a jewellery store would tht count?

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