I is for Invitation

Wedding invitations was one of the things I really looked forward to. I remember, when I was younger, my parents made the invitations for my cousins. It was a combined family effort since we made about 300 handmade cards. It was a lot of work; our house was covered with glitter, glue and all sorts of craft bits and pieces. But it was such fun!

We would have late night pizzas and I remember me and my cousin sitting and pasting tiny hearts on the envelope at 3 am. He would be dosing off in the chair and our hands were sticky from the glue. I also made a prank call to one of my relatives, waking the whole household at 4 am, pretending I wanted to order pizza. I was terrible at prank calls. I was laughing throughout the call and they probably couldn’t make out what I was saying. Despite the call being a fail, what made this memorable was I was fully backed to make this call by my grown up cousins and my parents!

I think though, the biggest fail was an actual pizza order I put through (yes, pizza is a recurring theme throughout our card making times). I think it was the first ever pizza order I put through and somehow, the restaurant had gotten my order so very wrong, instead of 5 pizzas, I think we got 2 pizzas, some sort of rice and a bolognese sauce with no spaghetti. The bolognese sauce is very vivid in mind, because who sends just the sauce without the accompanying spaghetti?

Making the invitations was more than just the invitations. It is all the memories that come with it. The last time we had such a card making session was for my 15th birthday party, where I took a bite of pizza which happened to have a huge chunk of chili. My tongue felt like it was crumbling away due to the spicy hotness. It took many glasses of milk and tablespoons of honey for that burning feeling to go away.

In hindsight, I think even when I met my fiance, I should have known wedding invitations would be a rather sensitive topic. But that was two years ago and it didn’t matter so much back then. I didn’t really grasp how important wedding invitations were for him until we started throwing ideas at each other. I am now realizing that big compromises have to be made.

What makes this worse is I don’t really know what I want, and the only thing my fiance knows is that I didn’t seem to like anything he was showing me. Our invitation discussions ended in me getting quite angry (I am quite passionate about invitations) so we put the invitations in the too hard basket. For now anyway. We are now tentatively sending each other samples of invitations we like, trying to get an idea of what we want and hopefully we will be able to come up with something amazing. We are also lucky to have a fabulous designer friend who might help in making the card dilemma a bit easier and guide us through this process. She will be rewarded with pizza.


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