H is for Hairstyles

While H for Honeymoon seemed to be the rather obvious choice of topic for this post, I thought I would go with hairstyles, because there is so much to talk about!

My hair is one of the things that I really am worried about. I am very used to and comfortable with my hair dresser whom I have been seeing for the last 4 years and has seen me through every colour change and radical cut. What I would really love is for her to do my hair on my wedding day. However, it really isn’t possible for me to take her with me from Sydney to Maldives hence, I have to find alternate means.

My friends did look lovely on their wedding days, but I am going to a country where I don’t really know any hair stylists and this frightens me. I always make sure when I am visiting that all my hair care needs are met before I go. I guess I am very attached to my hairdresser.

My hair is something that I have been pretty open about. I even showed my fiance a picture of what I would like to do to my hair. I love my long hair and I am going to have it out, in soft waves. I recently got a front fringe and now I am wondering if a front fringe or a side fringe is what I will be sporting on my wedding day. This hairstyle by Stephanie Brinkerhoff with the braid and bun looks positively elegant and I adore the front fringe on it. bun-hairstyle

I cannot help but be tempted by some very amazing wedding hairstyles out there. A high bun will look positively chic and some days I really want to go boho, with flowers running through my braided hair. A messy bun with an eye catching flower in it. And don’t get me started about flowers and head pieces. A floral head piece would look so amazing, like the rather extravagant one pictured here, which is by Primary Petals. Yes it does look a bit too much, but when else would you go all out, unless it is your wedding? Match a stunning floral head piece with a simple lace dress and you’ll be set for the day! primary petals

On top of all the hairstyles, equally enticing is the hair pieces. I ruled out a veil the first day I tried one on. It made me look too Disney. I would need the puff sleeved wedding dress Ariel wears at her wedding to pull a veil off.

I was thinking I would ask my PBS (Personal Bridal Seamstress, for anyone who missed my previous post) to make a beachy head piece  with shells and pearls. But now I am not so sure. Flowers are tempting, but I also haven’t really looked around enough to know what it is I really want. That is one of the things I am really looking forward to; trying on and designing my head piece.

Hair is a rather talked about topic among my bridesmaids since they have to step a little out of their comfort zone and do their hair up. A lot of hairspray, bobby pins and DIY YouTube videos have to be put in place. I’m sure everyone will have fun with it.


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