G is for Groomsmen

I think to begin with, I was more excited about the groomsmen than my fiance. But I made a huge deal about this (and every other thing regarding the wedding) and the excitement has rubbed off  on my fiance. We are looking forward to seeing them dressed ever so smartly and sharing some of the spotlight with us. What they’re going to wear is still in discussion. We are trying to figure out whether we want them to wear vests or not, whether to have hand-made boutonnieres or different coloured matching ties against white shirts, but either way I am sure they will look as good as my bridesmaids.

The groomsmen have been very supportive of our upcoming wedding. No remarks of how I’m stealing their buddy from them were made, which I think is exceptionally great. They are all eager to help and from one of them, I have in writing, how he is going to put up with my wedding obsessive nature. He spoke on behalf of all the groomsmen when he said ‘you can disturb us, taunt us and make our lives miserable during those days’. Of course, I am not planning on being a tyrant, but it’s nice to know they’ve got our back regarding all wedding matters. I also hope no one bails after reading this declaration from the groomsman.

Just as I have a bridesman, my fiance has a groomswoman. Unlike my bridesman however, the groomswoman is very much on the ball with all wedding matters and I know she will be very efficient and cluey. It’s nice to have a female touch on the grooms’ side. Maybe I should see if the groomswoman is willing to train my bridesman. Do it as a pre-wedding bonding activity so the groomsmen and the bridesmaids can get to know each other a bit better.

Of all the people who we get to share our wedding with, one of the most important are the groomsmen. They have welcomed me into their family and trusts me and believe that I will be the one who makes their friend happy. Their faith in me means a lot and I am looking forward to creating fond memories with them.


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