Incredible Art

My blog posts have been rather sparse since I have been travelling for the last few days. One of the highlights of my trip so far is the day I spent in Singapore and my visit to the Singapore Art Museum.

‘Weight of History’ was a very interesting show. The paintings and sculptures showed how the artists engaged with their history and culture and creatively expressed them through various mediums. What struck me most about this exhibition was the extent of thought and meaning behind their work. It was based on things that were important to the artist and the material used was symbolic and related to their work.


One of my absolute favourites was this painting of Hitler visiting a wounded soldier at hospital. Other than showing a rather humane side of Hitler, at first, I thought this painting was rather unremarkable. But the image you see on the photo here, is completely different from what I saw in person. I was almost about to walk by, after reading the blurb next to it, when one of the ladies who worked at the museum told me to look at the painting through my camera. This changed everything! It is difficult to explain how much I was struggling to figure out where Hitler was without the camera , or making out the plant behind him. Because of the different textures it was really hard to make out the hospital bed as well, and my friend might have just nodded vaguely when I tried to point it out to her. It was incredible how what I saw when standing at the side of the painting also changed from what I could make out when I stood directly in front.

I left the museum feeling rather inspired. I try dabbling with painting and art a bit and mostly sticking to things I know how to draw (giraffes, owls etc). Finding the meaning behind the paintings and artworks was very cool and I have never encountered any other exhibitions where the artists encompass such profound thought and meaning behind their work.


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