F is for Food

What I really want for my wedding is a homely touch. We went to an engagement party last year and all the food there was contributed by the guests. Everyone brought a plate of something and they had a lovely home-made feast! Delicious dip in a cob, pink cupcakes, little zucchini slices and collections of cheese and biscuits was perfect! I loved the intimate feel. No caterers or waiters needed, just willing hands of family and friends.

Given that half the island is invited to our reception (or so it seems), home-made food is impossible. But the actual ceremony is small and selective, and I really want my aunt and grandma to make their tasty hedhikas (Maldivian short-eats) and my fiance’s mum’s fruit salad. Eating food that we’ve grown up enjoying and sharing the goodness with everyone else. And remind us that this day is about family and friends who care for us and love us and we wouldn’t have made it this far without their help. Plus, I want an excuse to gain unlimited access to my cousin’s tasty brownies.

419545_10151379039265501_819817387_nAnother thing I really like is the idea of having a Make Your Own Sundae Table (Big Bang Theory reference) or Decorate Your Own Cupcake Table (Masterchef Australia). It would add a fun interactive feature to the wedding and I think a lot of people will have fun being creative and eating their little edible handiwork.

This is one of the most enjoyable part of our wedding and also a very important part, since my fiance and I, we both love food and eating. We love discovering new restaurants, musing over who does the best hollandaise sauce or tiramisu and rating the bread and olive oil dips. We both love cooking together as well and more than once, me saying ‘I’m hungry, what should we have for dinner?’ has resulted in us scrolling through recipes and trying different dishes.

Does anyone else have a fun DIY relating to food they’ve seen at weddings? Or any fun ideas?


5 thoughts on “F is for Food

  1. i had a similar sort of engagement party. home made hedika, where everyone brought their specialty food item…. almost 3 years since, and we still talk about the homemade food that was served that day.

    hope you have a lovely wedding ❤

    1. That does sound wonderful. Because of this blog, I am getting offers from family members, which is nice! 😀

  2. im looking forward for your cousins homemade brownies too..one of my counsins had such a party too…members from both families made shorts eats (spicy and sweet) .everybody made 500 pieces each and some how it was enuf..i guess cz there was so many varieties. ill contribute chicken toasts to the tea party after your marriage ceremony!!!!

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