E is for Eloping

Some people reckon 24 is still a bit young to get married, but what I secretly wanted was to get married even younger. Maybe 20-year-old young. Given that I hadn’t even met my fiance when I was 20, I am happy to have waited those extra 4 years.

But if I had met him then, eloping would be the most amazing way of getting married. We would have nothing figured out but knowing that we have found each other would be enough. We can stumble through life together, paying bills and working through the ups and downs.

Eloping has always held a daring appeal for me. Which is very strange, given my wedding obsessed nature. Maybe it is the romantic in me. I really like the idea of  getting married in secret, where nothing else matters, but just the two of us. Be among complete strangers, who understands the common language of love and be ever so happy for us. It’s not that I want to avoid the wedding planning and hassles that come along with it (I love planning weddings especially my own!) but wanting to have that feeling of complete solitude with my fiance, as we commit to each other for life.

I want to elope in the Greek Islands. Get off the grid and exchange vows in the Mediterranean sunset. I might have to invite a few close friends though. My elopement has been discussed and there are some people who are insisting to be present.

Thinking about it now, I’m not sure what I would choose. Eloping in the Greek Islands or a  huge wedding and all the fun that comes with it? One thing that would make me choose the wedding is I would feel a bit selfish if I don’t share one of the happiest moments in my life with my friends and family. I cannot deprive them of a reason to party now, can I?  Plus given that I have spoken about eloping, maybe I would just be horrible at keeping this a secret.


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