D is for Dress

IMG-20130323-WA0001I am going to cheat here. I have no intention of talking about my actual dress. I am determined to keep it a complete secret from my fiance, so the less I write about it, the better. However, right now, more important than the dress is the person who is making it: my Personal Bridal Seamstress.

When I first met her, she was just the sister of my friend. My friend, a girl with a deceivingly boyish nickname, started talking to me about her sister. ‘You like Avatar: The last airbender? My sister does too!’. ‘You’re a Paramore fan? My sister is going to see them live next week’. ‘You work at a bookstore? My sister is going to work there too’.

We both share a love of haute couture and dreaming of dresses we can never afford to have. Our Facebook walls are littered with various fashion runway galleries  and this once, my PBS was browsing through the New York Upper East Side real estate. I draw a line there.

My PBS is a pivotal part of my wedding. I am sure she will make me look amazing. From our first dress adventure, I know she is steering me in the right direction.


I am going to be the best bride ever for her! I have promised my PBS many baked goods and pots of tea while she is working on my dress. I appreciate the fact that she is saying goodbye to her social life to make this dress for me. She is just finishing her sisters’ wedding dress and soon to start with mine, so she would be doing nothing but sewing this year! I mean, yes, this is what she chose to do for a living, but being involved in your career this much is a lot for anyone to take. But she gets to go to the Maldives for the wedding. I cannot go through my wedding day without her by my side in case of any dress crisis! I feel like I can truly not worry about my dress, my PBS has got this.

My PBS recently purchased a new pair of scissors and sent me photos of how crazy she is about it! I thought they were the perfect photos to highlight her love for making dresses and all things sewing.


3 thoughts on “D is for Dress

  1. the photographs really shows how CRAZY she is about scissors…dont you think you should get worried about the obsession over the scissors may over take that of the love for stitching dresses and you may end up with just enough to cover your body with!! lol

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