C is for Cake Toppers

I’m not even sure we’re going to be having a cake topper. Some of the cakes I’ve seen look so amazing, I feel a plastic figurine, however unique or cool, could spoil it.

But given how I over-think every aspect of my life, it’s only natural I give some thought to this. Nothing about a wedding can be that mundane. Plus, it’s more fun to write about cake toppers than actual cake. I’d rather eat cake.

ScannedImage-2 - Copy (2)

I’ve seen so many quirky cake toppers, but one of my absolute favourite is owl cake toppers. This probably is because of my owl fetish.

I’ve also seen some amazing vintage Disney themed weddings. I am so ready to drop every single wedding decision we’ve made so far and go Disney. But this idea was  immediately and so vehemently opposed by my fiance I  thought it was best if I left that as my own little

ScannedImage-3 - Copy

whimsical dream.

ScannedImage-2 - Copy  I really do like the idea of having candles. Or sparklers to make it extra special. Blowing out candles is all about making wishes, so what better way to start our marriage life than each getting a wish? I could be wishing really hard, hoping that someone got me the KitchenAid I really really want. I mean, by that time, my most important wish would’ve already come true; marrying this fabulous guy!

Topping off an elegant ombre cake with figures that look somewhat like us is very cool too. Something we could later have as a keepsake. Here, I obviously focused more on sketching the cake, rather than the cake topper. I did really try to bring out my fiance’s curls though.

ScannedImage-2 - Copy (4)

ScannedImage-2 - Copy (3)

And then there are cake toppers with words instead of figures, which add a nice modern and sleek touch to the cake. We could have our initials, or like my little sketch, a word stating the rather obvious theme of the day.

I really enjoyed making these little cake sketches. A good way to spend a 2 hour train ride to work.


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