B is for Bridesmaids

My bridesmaids are my nearest and dearest. They’ve seen me cry more than anyone else and over the last decade or so, shared many triumphs and failures together. I know they love me to bits because they’ve agreed to stick by me when I’ll be my worst: planning my wedding.

I’ve read extensively about bridesmaid duties (well as much as one could read about this particular topic) and I want to make sure each of my bridesmaids know what they’ve signed up for. They will be the first people I call, at 3 am, crying because I couldn’t get the flowers I want. And I will require at least one of them to be there when I am getting ready on my big day.

I’m sure my bridesmaids know all this. Or at least have a vague idea of my expectations and will go along with it. My current concern is my Bridesman. Him being an essential part of my life I decided nothing less than being a part of the bridal party will do for him. But I think he is quite clueless as to what this really means for him and the next 9 months of his life. He certainly wants to be a bridesmaid and constantly complains about being left out of the ‘official’ bridal party conversations, which only makes me think that he doesn’t quite understand the commitment and patience required of him.

So I have decided to train him. Such as making sure he is reachable any time, any day, whenever I may need to talk to him. This is a bit hard to achieve given I am 6 hours ahead of him, but hey, if he uses his iPhone to it’s full potential, I am sure we can be connected anytime. I am also preparing him for things he might need to do when I am in the country (be my taxi, bring me food when I need it, do wedding DIY, etc) and he is thankfully on board.

Being a bride is a lot of work.  From having to decide on a dress, being ruthless with the guest list to teaching your bridesman how to get an AppleID. But it’s okay. I am enjoying every minute of it.


4 thoughts on “B is for Bridesmaids

    1. It’s not about luck. It’s about dedication! And plenty of advice from thoodles. Mostly thoodle’s advice.

    2. please tell your bridesman that once the convo on the bridal party starts, he will be i the loop.no such conversations have started yet.

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