A is for Announcement

I was giddy with excitement. No other word can describe me. Positively giddy. I texted my best friends and demanded Skype sessions and arranged Viber dates with my cousins. Knowing how happy they all would be was exciting. Telling them to brace themselves, I’m going to officially start planning my wedding, even more so.

For me, telling people, announcing I was engaged, made it feel real. Yes, I can now formally make a ‘My Wedding’ folder on my computer. Having a legit reason to buy bridal magazines and talk about my wedding in concrete terms, dates and themes is so much better than the speculations and ideas I’ve been tossing around long before I even met my fiancé.

Like a lot of girls, I’ve been planning my wedding (and my best friends’ weddings) for the last few years. But browsing Oscar De La Renta’s bridal gallery back in 2011 has nothing on me genuinely scouting for dresses and hairdos (Blair Waldorf’s waves for her royal wedding a current favourite) right now.

Finally telling my PBS (Personal Bridal Seamstress; yes I’m very fortunate to have one of those) that she definitely is making my dress and making a wedding Dropbox folder with my bridesmaids now seem all sensible things to do since I have told them ‘Guess what? I’m engaged, let’s start planning!’.

Announcing the engagement in a quirky or fun way never occurred to me. Didn’t really think it was much of a thing till I really started looking through wedding blogs and articles. I’ve seen websites dedicated to telling the happy couples entire love story or pictures making a timeline of from when they met to the day they got engaged. But for me, it was always about telling my nearest and dearest in the most personal way and getting the social green light of planning my wedding. And of course, letting the world know how truly lucky I am to have found such an amazing guy to share my life with.


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